Want more people in your life, but too scared to get out there? Step into my dojo.

Liquid Courage

            If you are not 21 years old, then just listen and take notes. Those who are, let the message sink in. We all have that certain “boost” to get us ready for the day: Some play video games, play that one song that sets a positive mood, work out in the morning, and stuff like. The point I’m putting out is that people have some kind of ritual to put them in the state of mind where they can relax and have less care of any outcome to their day.

           Now, when it comes to trying to meet people in bar-like settings, or at parties, the choice of motivation is alcohol. We all have done it, especially guys: Hanging out with your friends who then see a girl you be would interested in. They encourage you to go talk to her, but you got that wall of fear (worried too much about rejection) and can’t make yourself go over there. You decide to give it a little time and have a few more drinks. You start to feel a little tipsy, a little bit better about yourself, then you go in for the “how do you do?”

         2 things could have happened; the drinking could have helped, or made it worse. If it helped, you only had a few, and all it did was help you get break the nervous wall and got to meet someone new. The negative is honestly fun watch if you are an outside observer. You could have overdone the drinking, and made a complete ass of yourself

Some things to look out for when you overdue the booze:

·   Major dizziness

·   Telling people you are drunk

·   Trouble speaking words (mumbling, slurring, people asking you to repeat what you said)

·   Inability to keep your balance when standing

·   Forgetting where you are

·   Telling everyone you love them, though you don’t even know their name

·   For guys, talking to a girl and starring at her chest the entire time

·   Ladies, being super loud and letting the whole world know they are all beneath you

·   Wanting to turn the music up really loud and talk over it

·   Puking

·   Going to the bathroom wherever you feel like it

·   Most important, forgetting that you ever talked to the girl that you drank so much for to talk to.

             It’s not a pretty sight when your first impression is that you know how to party. People usually do not want to know that at the beginning, even at a party. They want to see you can handle yourself, but not afraid to get crazy from time to time. Now, if you are drinking to bottle away some fear, here are some easy tips:

·   Drink slowly. Your friends might hassle you for “babysitting” your drink, but just ignore it.

·   Don’t drink so many at once. After you have one, wait a while to have another. If it’s a mixed drink, maybe put more of the soft drink than the liquor in the next few.

·   Guys, get something girly. Something that is super bright in color, and fruity in taste. Most of us don’t like that stuff, so drinking it slowly won’t be hard. The best thing about that is girls will see it and want to know what it is, or randomly point out that the drink is a little girly for you. Good opener.

·   Ladies, if you don’t like beer, learn to. Like the guys with fruity drinks, girls with beer catch our attention, especially if it’s the same beer we’re drinking. And easy to sip if you don’t like it.

             I do not encourage drinking every time to just build up courage. This is only another training wheel exercise. Eventually, once you become more social, you won’t even want to drink. It becomes more an obstacle than a boost.


what to watch? drawn together season, or the ultimate fight starring ernie reyes jr?

One response

  1. Derek

    I like it dood!
    Solid advice, a good way to help out the uncertain people.

    April 15, 2011 at 5:10 pm

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